For four seasons, Unheard-of has toured the United States premiering over 30 works written for us. Our goal is to support today’s composers and to inspire a new vision of contemporary music for students, musicians, and audiences across the United States. This season, Unheard-of//Dialogues, our season theme, is the perfect opportunity to develop an album that highlights the unique and varied voices of the composers with whom we collaborate.

We've seen many composer albums come out recently focusing on specific composers, ideas, or schools of composition. We want to create something that brings together so many different voices and styles in one place. We chose this based on our touring experiences. Every city, university, and institution we visit has different tastes, backgrounds, and perspectives on our art form. We have the chance to present them with something they might know as well as many other sounds that might be unheard-of. It is that mosaic that strengthens the art that we present.

What is the Album Repertoire?

Nickitas Demos Frontlash (2017)*

Reiko Fueting procession- process:peace (dona nobis pacem) (2017)*

Nathan Hudson Music for Falling/Flying (2015/17)* (based on Ben Loory’s short story The Well)

  • Bonus Track: Ben Loory recorded reading of The Well with permission from Penguin Random House

Tonia Ko Hum Phenomenon (2017)

Michael Lanci Coalescence Cascade (2017)*

Erin Rogers family picnic 2008 (2017)*

Christopher Stark Maple (2018)*

 * written for Unheard-of//Ensemble

Where, When, and How?

We recorded the album at Oktaven AudiO in three parts from May to August 2018. We are collaborating with LA-based author Ben Loory to record a special bonus track featuring his story "The Well" from Stories for the Nighttime and Some for the Day. This will pair with Nathan Hudson's piece Music for Falling/Flying which is based on "The Well". We are also excited to have album art being developed by fantastic artist, violinist, and composer Leah Asher. The project will be released on January 19th, 8pm at Tenri Cultural Institute. Be sure to follow our instagram or facebook for regular updates on album progress.

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